SUPPORT The Orthodox Parish of the Church of St. Nicholas of Japan in Minsk

About our Parish

The Orthodox Parish of the Church of St. Nicholas of Japan in Minsk was registered on October 23, 2008. During the winter of 2012 on the street Lidskaya in the microdistrict Kamennaya Gorka, a newly built wooden Temple opened its doors, where on February 16 — on the day of the 100th anniversary of the death of the Parish’s patron saint — the First Divine Liturgy was held. An icon with the holy relics of St. Nicholas of Japan, brought from Tokyo, was placed in the temple for permanent residence. Saint Nicholas is considered to be the Heavenly patron of missionaries, enlighteners, and catechists.

Active social, environmental, educational and enlightenment activities are being held in our parish besides the worship.

It is planned to build a large temple complex with premises for all areas of our activity (the family and motherhood support center “Matulya”, calligraphy school, genealogy school, children’s studio “Christmas”, Sunday school, women’s Club “Amigurumi”, library, children’s parish choir, etc. ).

If our social services find a response in your heart, then we will accept any support with prayerful gratitude. We are humbly asking for help from you!

Donation for Temple construction 

A donation for temple construction is an opportunity for a humble sacrifice to God for building the house of God and preparing the soil for spiritual and cultural growth of ourselves, our contemporaries and descendants.

We are doing everything possible to make the constructed complex useful for the residents of the region and the city, and you can donate to the temple and join this ministry.

When setting priorities in the distribution of money from donations to the temple, we also focus on the creation of an educational and cultural space.

What has already been built?

Many things have already been done, but more things still remain to be done. Currently, the following objects are located on the territory of the building complex:

  • a small wooden church (unfortunately, still too small for Sunday worship services);
  • premises for the parish school;
  • bakery cafe, in which educational seminars are held and fresh bread is baked and desserts are made;
  • a church shop with a large assortment of books;
  • Apple orchard.

What else is to be built?

First of all, with your giving to the temple, we plan to build a large temple, which will not only be able to accommodate all the parishioners, but will also be an architectural decoration of the area. We invite you to watch a short video project with a visualization of the future complex.

Watch the video presentation of the project of the temple complex in honor of St. Nicholas of Japan >>>

What kind of things are going on and coming in the constructed complex?

Divine services. The main activity of parish life is our serving God in divine services and good deeds. Walls and icons are no substitute for sincere prayer, but donations to the church will speed up the construction of a larger church, which will allow for a more focused participation in worship, and for some people will become an important factor in attending services (this is especially true in winter, for elderly people who can hardly tolerate stuffy rooms, families with children, etc.)

Family holiday. ​​Kamennaya Gorka region in which we are located is a young area with many large families and dense buildings, in which we want to make an oasis of privacy and a place for family leisure. A family bakery cafe is already operating on the territory. Оur parishioners and Sunday school pupils help to keep our eco-trail clean. An apple orchard with selected varieties of apples is also growing, from which everyone can taste these fruits. It is planted by our parishioners.

Crisis motherhood support. The center “Matulya” was created at the parish in order to provide real assistance in crisis situations of motherhood. Also, educational seminars in support of motherhood are held on the territory of our parish. Now we can accommodate a limited number of people, but this is already a lot.

Cultural events. Right at the moment we hold festivals, invite artists and offer residents of our region and city to spend their leisure time culturally and with joy.

Education. The parish has a Sunday school for children and adolescents. Also our parish gives educational seminars. Much is done so that participation of children and adolescents in parish life could be interesting, active, relevant and creative.

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